Geoscience Australia Publications

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Results of Two Dry-Season Surveys of Keppel Bay and Casuarina Creek: Biogeochemical Properties of the Water Column and Underlying Sediments. Radke L.C., Ford, P.W., Webster, I.T., Douglas, G., Oubelkheir, K., Atkinson, I., Robson, B., Verwey, P., MacKenzie, K. and Clementson, L. 2005 GA Record 2005/18 (3,308kb)
Australian Estuaries and Coastal Waterways - A Geoscience perspective for improved and integrated resource management. Heap A.D., Bryce S.M., Ryan D.A., Radke L.C., Smith C.S., Smith R., Harris P. and Heggie D.T. 2001 GA Record 2001/07 (17,404kb)
Australian Ports: Environmental Data and Risk Analysis Phase 1: Literature review. A report prepared for the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (ACQUIS). Harris P. and O'Brien P. 1998 ACQUIS Report (1,175kb)
Benthic Nutrient Fluxes in Smiths Lake, New South Wales. Smith C.S. and Heggie D.T. 2003 GA Record 2003/16 (1,224kb)
Benthic Nutrient Fluxes in Wallis Lake, New South Wales. Smith C.S. and Heggie D.T. 2003 GA Record GA 2003/22 (1,895kb)
Classification of Australian Clastic Coastal Depositional Environments Based Upon a Quantitive Analysis of Wave, Tidal and River Power. Harris P.T., Heap A.D., Bryce S.M., Porter-Smith R., Ryan D.A. and Heggie D.T. 2002 Journal Of Sedimentary Research (1,098kb)
Conceptual Models of Australias Estuaries and Waterways. Applications for Coastal Resource Management. Ryan D.A., Heap A.D., Radke L.C., and Heggie D.T. 2003 GA Record 2003/09 (3,907kb)
Environmental Management of Clastic Coastal Depositional Environments, Science Direct. Harris P.T. and Heap A.D. 2003 Ocean & Coastal Management 46 (507kb)
Facies Evolution of Holocene Estuaries and Deltas: A Large-sample Statistical Study from Australia. Heap A.D., Bryce S. and Ryan D.A. 2004 Science Direct, Sedimentary Geology 168 (1,051kb)
New Coastal Science for the Fitzroy Estuary, Coastal CRC Brochure. Noble B., Packett B., Long P. and Mikkleson F. 2004 Coastal CRC Brochure (561kb)
Nutrient Release from Sediments of the Torbay Drainage System, South-Western Australia. Murray E.J., Smith C.S., Smith J., Haese R.R and Heggie D.T. 2005 GA Record 2005/14 (3,688kb)
The role of sedimentological information in estuary management Brooke B. 2002 Proceedings of Coast to Coast 2002 (181kb)

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