Coastal CRC reports and publications

Below is a list of the CRC's major reports and publications excluding Coastal CRC technical reports.

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Annual report

CRC annual report 2004-05
Download ( PDF file 646KB) our current annual report which outlines research projects, collaborative linkages, education and communication activities, and budget for the previous financial year. Copies of the report are also available from our office.

CRC annual report 2003-04
Download ( PDF file 1.25MB) the 2003-04 annual report.

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Where river meets sea: Exploring Australia's estuaries
This 288-page book describes the health, geography, science, management and ecological functions of Australia's 974 estuaries. Chapters on natural history, coastal science and management give an understanding of our vast network of pristine and heavily modified estuaries - from isolated tide-dominated estuaries in Australia's tropical north to those shaped by waves in southern, temperate waters. Cost is $49.95 from CSIRO Publishing:

Marooned Marooned - Rockhampton's great flood of 1918
Marooned tells the story of Rockhampton's Great Flood of 1918. It is entertaining and meticulously researched. It captures the spirit of early twentieth century Queensland, with many quotes from the local papers of 1918. Lavish photographic illustrations convey the atmosphere of the flood and its aftermath.

Fitzroy in focus: coastal science for the Fitzroy region
The 106-page book, Fitzroy in focus: coastal science for the Fitzroy region, provides a comprehensive summary of the latest activities and research findings to come out of the CRC's 'phase 1' projects in the region.

Book coverAustralian estuaries This book outlines recommendations and framework options for the improved management of Australian estauries.

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Conference and Workshop Proceedings

Research for coastal management. Conference program and abstracts
This conference was held in conjunction with the CRC's annual workshop in September, 2005. Download abstracts ( PDF file 400KB)

Coast to Coast 2002 Coast to Coast 2002 conference proceedings.
A CD Rom of conference proceedings with more than 130 papers, keynote presentations, workshop reports and resolutions. Topics focus on the successes, failures and challenges facing the Australian coast, and the roles of government and community in coastal management. Includes two-hour VHS video of 'hypothetical' panel session. Cost AU$50.00 (including GST) plus $4.00 postage.

Proceedings of the public workshop "Beach protection: risk and management" Yeppoon, 7 February 2002
The Coastal CRC together with Central Queensland University organised this public workshop to keep open discussion about the matters of beach protection from the researchers and local community points of view. One of the goals of CRC is to recognise coastal ecosystem for its intrinsic value through community participation in integrated approaches to restoration development and management. Download proceedings ( PDF file 2.18MB)

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Consultancy reports

Report on the condition of estuarine, coastal and marine resources of the Burdekin dry tropics region
This publication reports on the condition of estuarine, coastal and marine environments of the Burdekin Dry Tropicsregion, which will underpin the future development of targets and actions to manage and protect the natural resources of these environments. Download report ( PDF file 2.49MB)

Users' guide for estuarine, coastal and marine indicators for regional NRM monitoring
The "users' guide for estuarine, coastal and marine indicators for regional NRM monitoring" is designed to assist in the identification and selection of indicators that are relevant to a specific NRM region to meet the monitoring needs of regional NRM bodies specified under NHT2 (Natural Heritage Trust) and NAP (National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality). Download Executive Summary ( PDF file, 273KB) Download full report ( PDF file, 1.2MB)

Central Queensland information paper
The Central Queensland information paper has been prepared to provide technical information about condition and trend of biophysical, social, and economic assets in the Fitzroy Basin. Web site and download

Western Port research coordination project - stage 1
The stage 1, Western Port research coordination project was commissioned to synthesise existing science describing the Western Port marine environment to provide a holistic representation of the important processes and elements of this ecosystem. By taking a participatory approach to developing these models, important gaps in the understanding of the Western Port marine ecosystem were identified. Download Chapters 1-9 ( PDF file, 3.0MB) Chapter 10 (Appendices) ( PDF file, 744KB) brochure ( PDF file, 956KB)

Cape Byron marine Park habitat mapping
The cooperative research centre for coastal zone, estuary and waterway management (Coastal CRC) was contracted by the NSW Marine Parks Authority (MPA) to provide a rapid assessment and map of all of the subtidal marine habitats of the CBMP including those in deep water. Download report ( PDF file 709KB)

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Other CRC reports

Coastal management in Australia: Key institutional and governance issues for coastal natural resource management and planning.
This monograph is intended to provide a synthesis of the key challenges and issues for coastal planning and management in Australia. Participating authors were asked to provide an overview of key issues surrounding a particular aspect of institutional arrangements for coastal management rather than a comprehensive review and analysis of coastal planning and management and were asked to frame their essays along the following themes: How much do we know about pressure on existing institutions?; What can we learn from existing institutions?; and What are the outstanding challenges? Download report ( PDF file 588KB)

Assessing historical change in coastal environments - Port Curtis, Fitzroy River estuary and Moreton Bay regions
This report contains the findings of the historical assessments of the Port Curtis, Fitzroy River estuary and Moreton Bay regions. The information and findings were gathered over the duration of a three year program with the Historical Coastlines Project of the Coastal CRC.

Collaborative regional natural resource management symposia. Evaluation Report. Brisbane and Rockhampton October 2005
This is an evaluation of a 2-day symposium put together by the Coastal CRC 'Governance and Partnerships' program for regional body staff, boards and stakeholders, government officers involved in regional natural resource management (NRM), researchers and community groups. Download report ( PDF file 278KB)

Historical trends in recreational fishing catches in the Gladstone region.
This study aims to consider trends over time in two data sets related to the records of linefishing clubs. One based on an inshore fishery in the estuaries near and in Port Curtis and the second in offshore waters. Both sets provide a point of comparison to other data and studies elsewhere in Queensland. Download report ( PDF file 210KB)

Economic evaluation of selected coastal CRC programs. An overview assessment of the value and lessons from selected programs involving multiple stakeholders.
This report provides an overview of 4 Coastal CRC projects, viewed from the perspective of the prospective value generated by the research and associated coordination and planning processes. The report is not designed as a full investment or cost-benefit analysis, but it does look at ways in which value might have been created and at lessons that might usefully be drawn. Broad order of magnitude assessments of the value from 4 projects suggests. Download report. ( PDF file 418KB)

The impact of sewage overflows on an urban creek: a case study of Lota Creek in Brisbane
Sewerage systems in Australia are designed with emergency overflow structures to discharge untreated sewage into local waterways in case of system overload or breakdown. Our aim was to determine the impacts of sewage overflows and potential risks to public and ecosystem health in the tidal waterways of the coastal suburb of Lota in Brisbane. Download report ( PDF file 4.1MB)

Movable bed physical modelling of ebb delta growth characteristic. Griffith Centre for coastal management research report No. 25.
The purpose of this research is to investigate key parameters affecting the growth of ebb tidal deltas and their interaction with adjacent beach forms using a scale physical model. The development of a detailed understanding of characteristics such as growth rates, plan form and ruling depths in the Coastal Movable Bed Physical Model (CMBPM) was undertaken as a initial step towards the development of frameworks for appropriate management of entrance channel movement, navigation and open coast sediment budgets. Download report ( PDF file 2.51MB)

Investigation of ebb tidal deltas. Griffith Centre for coastal management research report No. 27.
The background to the planning and management for natural variability on open coastlines project is given in volume 1 of this report. The objective of the work reported herein was to develop a numerical simulation of the physical model in order to extend the predictive capability of the model of the idealised inlet conditions and ultimately to numerically model real inlets and undertake scenario testing. Download report - excluding Appendices A & I ( PDF file 1.47MB) Download Appendix A ( PDF file 33.87MB)Download Appendix I ( PDF file 20.33MB)

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Technical papers

Climate change and coastal response
Climate change caused by global warming has a number of implications for coastal management. Even though the effects of global warming may take several decades to become apparent, this is within the design lifetime of much coastal infrastructure. Moreover, the economic and cultural value of the Australian coastline is such that long-term planning and adaptation is necessary to preserve it, or at least to avoid unacceptable changes. A theme report from the Coast to Coast 2002 National Conference, Gold Coast, November 2002 Download publication ( PDF file 275KB)

Institutional arrangements, incentives & governance: Unlocking the barriers to successful coastal policy-making
"How do we provide better governance for our coastal zone?" The focus of the paper is on process of policy making, rather than the contents of policy (policy measures). There are significant barriers to good coastal policy making, and the purpose of this paper is to identify those key barriers and to recommend how they could be overcome. A report from the Coast to Coast 2002 Conference, Tweed Heads Australia - published April 2004 Download publication ( PDF file 206KB)

Aspects of statistical design for monitoring waters of Port Curtis
This report focuses on two key design questions for the Port Curtis Integrated Monitoring Program, which relies on regular sampling of the macrobenthos. The two aspects are the optimal number of macrobenthos grabs needed at each sampling time; and the most effective spatial configuration of sampling stations within the constraints imposed by the available resources. Read more in this Technical Report ( PDF file 814KB) and its accompaning appendix ( PDF file 3.58MB)

Estimating consumer preferences for water quality improvements using Citizen's Jury and Choice Modelling: A case study on the Bremer River catchment, South East Queensland
This paper describes a study undertaken on the Bremer River catchment located within South East Queensland. The study informed members of the community about water quality issues in the catchment through a citizens' jury and then solicited their opinion about whether more resources should be devoted towards improving water quality and how much they thought the community should pay. Download report ( PDF file 390KB)

A review of economic instruments for environmental management in Queensland
This paper reviews the economic instruments to support environmental management currently available in Queensland provides some guidance for their application and describes a policy framework for managing environmental degradation. Download report ( PDF file 1MB)

A review of techniques to value environmental resources in coastal zones
This paper provides an overview of environmental valuation techniques. It begins with a brief description of a number of approaches to project evaluation, particularly in relation to economic efficiency considerations, and considers the nature of the valuation information required for each approach. It then provides an overview of a number of environmental valuation techniques, considers the pros and cons of each and the usefulness of these techniques for the requirements of the Coastal CRC. Download paper ( PDF file 322KB)

Regulatory controls for Queensland wetlands
The Ramsar definition forms the basis of wetland definitions used in Australian Commonwealth and State wetland policies, definitions of wetlands in legislation are rare. Instead, the implementation of legislation relating to wetlands is guided by a number of wetland inventories with differing objectives, methodologies and coverage. Download report ( PDF file 221KB)

The economic value of Australia's estuaries: a scoping study
The publication reports on the estimated value of Australian estuaries for a number of estuarine dependent and estuarine opportunist commercial fisheries, the estimated value of a number of recreational fisheries as well as an estimate of the value of a number of large ports located on estuaries around Australia. Download report ( PDF file 418KB)

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