Search coastal data and information

Undertake a simple search to obtain data and information on a specified coastal region or search for estuaries within political boundaries or bio-regions and/or on the basis of geomorphology, condition status, geometry and other physical variables. The map search allows you to both query the database and to generate customised maps using a comprehensive set of map layers (e.g. topography, habitats, Landsat). You can also down-load datasets and publications and search for useful hyperlinks as they pertain to coastal stakeholders, regional plans & strategies and other coastal information (e.g. coastal legislation, protected areas and policy and planning).

Database search

  • Estuary Simple search
  • Estuary search
  • Estuary Map search
  • Beach search

  • Coastal information
  •   Coastal stakeholders
  •     Regional plans/strategies


  • Habitat shape files
  • Estuary datasets


  • Coastal CRC Publications
  • Geoscience Australia Publications
  • NLWRA Estuary assessment reports

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