Content Contributors

Australian Department of Environment and Water Resources

Robyn Gatehouse - Toxicants

Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), Queensland

Mike Cappo - Fish Assemblages

Australian National University

Donna Hazell - Biodiversity, Front End

Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation (ANTSO)

Henk Heijnis - Lead Dating

Bureau of Rural Sciences, Water Sciences Program

Karina Budd - Toxicants

Central Queensland University

Mark Breitfuss - Mangrove and Saltmarsh Areas, Intertidal Invertebrates
David Currie - Benthic Invertebrates

CRC for Coastal Zone, Estuary and Waterway Management

Regina Counihan - Marine Pest Species
Rob Fearon - Metal Contaminants


Janet Anstee - Seagrass Species
Simon Apte - Toxicants
Graeme Batley - Metal Contaminants
Vittorio Brando - Seagrass Areas, chlorophyll a, turbidity
Arnold Dekker - Seagrass Species
Phillip Ford - PCO2
Gary Hancock - Sedimentation Rates
Kate Harle - Metal Contaminants, Lead Dating
Ralph Ogden A93- Riparian Zone, Hysteresis
Jon Olley - OSL Dating
Ian Webster - Algal Blooms, Salinity, Hysteresis, Resuspension, Water temperature

Deakin University

John Sherwood - Hydrodynamic alteration of coastal waterways

Geoscience Australia

Ian Atkinson - Water Column Nutrients, Denitrification Efficiency, Salinity, Turbidity
Brendan Brooke - Maturity Index, Acid Sulfate Soils, Beach Erosion, Beach and Dune Areas
Peter Harris - Maturity Index, turbidity
David Heggie - Sediment Organic Matter, Water Column Nutrients, Denitrification Efficiency, Project Development
Bill Hirst - Marine Boundary information
Andrew Heap - Habitat Diversity, Turbidity, Biodiversity
Chris Hepplewhite - Climate change, Ocean Acidification, Vector borne disease, Saline Intrusion, Carbon Cycle
Andrew Jones - Sea Level Rise
Ian Lavering - Marine Biodiversity
Graham Logan - Sediment Organic Matter, Project Development
Emma Murray - Sulfate Reduction
Lynda Radke Indicator module development & design; first drafts of most fact sheets
David Ryan - Marine Pest Invasions, Project Development, Maturity Index, Beach and Dune Areas, Environmental Flows, Turbidity, Hydrodynamic alteration of coastal waterways

Griffith University

Pat Dale - Saltmarsh Areas

James Cook University

Ross Johnston - Fish kills

Loma Linda University

Steve Dunbar - Hermit Crabs, Vector borne disease

Louisiana State University

Patrick Hesp - Beach and Dune Indicators

Marine and Freshwater Resources Institute (MAFRI), Victoria

Bruce Brady - Imposex Frequency
G. J. Fabris - Imposex Frequency
Greg Jenkins - Fish Assemblages
C. M. Rees - Imposex Frequency

Melbourne Water

Graham Rooney - Marine Pathogens

Monash University

Jon Hinwood - Environmental Flows

Murdoch University

Muriel Lepesteur - Marine Pathogens
Glen Young - Fish Communities

Murdoch University, Centre for Fish and Fisheries Research

Ian Potter - Fish Assemblages

National Oceans Office

Naomi Parker - Algal Blooms

NSW Department of Sustainable Natural Resources

Errol McLean - Environmental Flows

NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation

Bruce Radke - Streambed/bank Erosion
David Rissik - Algal Blooms and Chlorophyll a

Natural Resources Commission

David Rissik - Algal Blooms and Chlorophyll a

NSW Department of Natural Resources

Bruce Radke - Streambed/bank Erosion
Errol McLean - Environmental Flows

NSW Department of Environment and Conservation

Peter Scanes - Water column nutrients, chlorophyll a, turbidity
Therese Manning - Toxicants
Kerrylee Rogers - Mangrove areas, Saltmarsh areas and Sea Level Rise

Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines

Bernie Powell - Acid Sulfate Soils

Queensland Department of Primary Industries

John Beumer - Fish Kills
Malcolm Dunning - Fish Communities
Julie Robins - Freshwater Flows
Ian Halliday - Freshwater flows

Queensland Environmental Protection Agency

Kerrod Beattie - Shellfish Closures
John Bennet - Environmental Flows
Andrew Moss - Chlorophyll a, Project Development
Lynne Turner - Project Development

Queensland University of Technology

Micaela Preda - Acid Sulfate Soils

Skyring Environment Enterprises

Graham Skyring - Sulfate Reduction, Denitrification, Denitrification Efficiency

Sydney Catchment Authority, Water Science and Research

Chris Chaefer - Shorebirds

University of Newcastle

Samantha Wellman - Chlorophyll a

University of Maryland

Bill Dennison - Project Development

University of Queensland

Norm Duke - Mangrove Areas
Jon Knight - Mangrove and Saltmarsh Areas
Ben Longstaff - Seagrass Areas
Stuart Phinn - Seagrass areas and Seagrass species
Chris Rolfsema, Seagrass areas and Seagrass species
Greg A. Skilleter - Benthic Invertebrates, Intertidal Invertebrates

University of Queensland, Marine Botany

Chris Roelfsema - Macroalgal Indicators

University of Queensland, National Research Center for Environmental Toxicology

Simon Costanzo - Macroalagal Indicators

University of Sydney

Gavin Birch - Sediment Assessment Scheme, Metal Contaminants, Toxicants

University of Tasmania

Leanne Armand - Water Temperature
Richard Mount - turbidity

University of Western Australia

Euan Harvey - Fish Assemblages

University of Western Australia, Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management

Paul Close - Environmental Flows

University of Wollongong

Craig Sloss - Aspartic Acid Racemisation

US Geological Survey

J.F. Elder - Metal Contaminants

Waters and Rivers Commission of Western Australia

Tom Rose - Algal blooms, Chlorophyll a, Fish Assemblages and Benthic Invertebrates

WBM Oceanics Australia

Phillip Haynes - Hydrodynamic alteration of coastal waterways

Wetland Care Australia

Jim Tait - Coastal Wetlands

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