Drafting or provision of figures/photos/web support

Tasmania Department of the Environment

Ruth Eriksen

Geoscience Australia

Rex Bates, Miranda Cook, Ben Davies, Chris Fitzgerald, Angie Jaensch, Dan Kennedy, Leanne McMahon, Greg Michelowski, Neville Montgomerie, Lana Murray, Anita Riley, Emma Walker

Healthy Waterways Queensland

Lynda Curtis

Department of Natural Resources and Mines

Kristie Watling

University of Queensland

Diana Kleine

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Helpful discussion and feedback

Australian National University

Henry Nix

Bureau of Rural Sciences

Simon Veitch

Cooperative Research Centre for Coastal Zone, Estuary & Waterway Management

Rob Fearon, Roger Shaw

CSIRO Marine

John Parslow

Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts

Jenny Boshier, Geoff Bott, Vaughn Cox

Fisheries Research and Development Corporation

Patrick Hone

NSW Environmental Protection Agency

Klaus Koop

NSW Land & Water Conservation

Errol McLean

Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines

Andrew Petroeschevsky, Kristie Watling

Queensland Environmental Protection Agency

Melanie Cox, Francis D'Souza, Graham Webb

University of Queensland

Ron Johnstone

WBM Oceanics Australia

Phillip Haines

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