Interactive 3D models of coastal sedimentary environments

What are interactive 3D models?

screen capture of benthic habitat mapping zones around Woody Island

3D (three dimensional) models of coastal environments are digital representations of coastal environments (e.g. bays and estuaries) that have the appearance of width, height and depth.

Why use interactive 3D models?

screen capture of Sydeny Harbour bathymetry 3D models are a useful interactive tool to communicate complex geographical relationships to other scientists and the wider community. They help scientists and managers better understand and interpret geologic and geomorphic data because users can turn data layers on and off and manipulate the models by rotating, zooming and panning to explore spatial relationships in the models from any aspect.

How do we create interactive 3D models?

screen capture of the Sow and Pigs Reef in Sydney Harbour 3D data from spatial modelling software such as GOCAD is exported to the Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML - see below) where it is edited and optimised for visualisation within the model. The model interface and navigation tools are then scripted. Text, links to database records and other HTML documents are also added to complete the model before it is tested and refined. A simple model may be produced in a few days while more complex models may take weeks to develop.

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What coastal 3D models are available for Australia

3D (three dimensional) models for the following sites were created by Geoscience Australia in collaboration with the former Coastal CRC.

Required software

These applications have been tested on IE9 with a BS Contact VRML X3D Software plugg in.

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