The Coastal Water Habitat Mapping (CWHM) Project was an initiative of the Coastal CRC and its partner organisations. The three-year multi-million dollar project helped develop and apply technologies for rapid and cost effective assessment of shallow water marine habitats around Australia and overseas. The project was a joint venture between scientists, universities, government agencies and private enterprise, and constituted an extension to the Coastal CRC. It was an Australia-wide initiative, with substantial research and development being undertaken in Cockburn Sound and the Recherche Archipelago in Western Australia. Study sites were also located in New South Wales and Queensland. These sites represented a wide range of the coastal-benthic marine ecosystems found in Australia. The project constituted the largest single program of shallow water benthic habitat mapping in Australia. It involved substantial research effort, an extensive equipment inventory and innovative data management and processing. Together with the Coastal CRC's established capacity in ecosystem health monitoring, science for coastal planning and community engagement, it established benchmarks in shallow water habitat mapping, a field of growing focus in Australia.






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The Coastal Water Habitat Mapping Project involved personnel from Curtin University of Technology, The University of Western Australia, Geoscience Australia, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Griffith University, James Cook University, CSIRO Land and Water, and Fisheries Research Development Corporation.

The following industry partners were key to the success of the project: Fugro Survey Pty Ltd; Reson Inc; Sonar Data Pty Ltd; and the Georeality Group

The Coastal Water Habitat Mapping Toolkit acknowledges the contributions and assistance of the following CRC project members: Prof John Penrose, Adj Prof Des Lord, Assoc Prof Gary Kendrick, Dr Rob Mc Cauley, Dr Brendan Brooke, Bill Russell-Cargill, David Ryan, Darren Skene, Andrew Woods, Prof Alexander Gavrilov, Wayne Arcus, Dr Justy Siwabessy, Dr Alec Duncan, Mal Perry, Assoc Prof Lindsay Collins, Dr Euan Harvey, Dr Jim Seager, James Wise, Dr Kimberley Van Niel, Les Hamilton, Dr Phil Mulhearn, Dr Julian Vrbancich, Assoc Prof Mark Shortis, Katrina Baxter, Andy Bickers, Dianne Watson, Dr Karen Holmes, Brenton Chatfield, Yao-Ting (Tim) Tseng, Iain Parnum, Dr Arnold Dekker, Dr Vittorio Brando, Assoc Prof Stuart Phinn, Chris Roelfsema and Dr Thomas Stieglitz, along with the following Stakeholder Company people, Fugro Survey's Cass Castalanelli and Paul Kennedy, Peter Holyland of Georeality, Jens Steenstrup of Reson and Dr Tim Pauly, Bart Buelans and Matt Wilson of SonarData.

Objective of the Coastal CRC's Coastal Water Habitat Mapping Research:
To Develop and Apply Techniques for the Rapid and Cost Effective Assessment of Shallow Marine Habitats

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Photograph of shallow Reef in Point Addis dominated by common kelp. Aerial photograph of Marmion Park overlain with hydroacoustic information showing seabed facies Photograph of Rhodoliths found in Point Addis Marine Park which are hard, ball-like structures formed from coralline algae

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