Moreton Bay

Reports and technical papers

An Integrated Remote Sensing Approach for Adaptive Management of Complex Coastal Waters - The Moreton Bay Case Study (5 MB PDF).
S. Phinn and A.G. Dekker (eds), Final Report - Moreton Bay Remote Sensing Tasks (MR2) October 2004
In this project the focus was on developing a methodology for mapping water quality, seagrass density, and algal blooms. The remote sensor of choice was the Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper (ETM) system.

Siwabessy PJW.
Field report:toolkit version. multibeam and single beam backscatter data analysis, and video imagery from moreton bay and keppel bay
(2 MB PDF)
Centre for Marine Science and Technology (CMST), Curtin University of Technology. CMST REPORT 2005-53 (Toolkit Version)

Mapping Benthic Habitats for Representation in Marine Protected Areas (2 MB PDF).
Tim Stevens. School of Environmental and Applied Sciences. Griffith University. Submitted in fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of Doctor of Philosphy. October 2003.
The study represents the most spatially comprehensive survey of epibenthos undertaken in Moreton Bay, with over 40,000 m2 surveyed. Derived habitat maps provide a robust basis for inclusion of representative examples of all habitat types in marine protected area planning in and adjacent to Moreton Bay. The utility of video data to conduct a low-cost habitat survey over a comparatively large area was also demonstrated.

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3-D Visualisations

3D Visualisations North Peel Island:
a compressed QuickTime Movie Version.
(543 KB MOV)
(Apple QuickTime format)

3D Visualisations of sting ray holes, North Peel Island:
(814 KB MOV)
a compressed QuickTime Movie Version.
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