Marmion Marine Park

Reports and technical papers

Marmion Marine Park Hydro Acoustic Field Trials 2004 and 2005 (3.4 MB PDF). by Kennedy PK. Prepared for the Coastal CRC by Fugro Survey Pty Ltd , May 2005. This document describes a systematic comparison of the GeoAcoustics GeoSwath against the Reson 8125 and Reson 8101 Multibeam systems. Acquisition, Processing and analysis of the data are made. The GeoSwath system shows great potential. Subject to a few outstanding issues, none of which are insurmountable, the system will provide a good alternative to the established Multibeam technologies.

Image processing approach to classification of hydroacoustic products for habitat mapping
(1 MB PDF)
Karen Holmes, Ben Radford. Coastal CRC, Benthic Habitat Mapping Subproject. School of Earth and Geographical Sciences and School of Plant Biology
University of Western Australia.

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Application of hydroacoustics and video to biological and habitat
(1.7 MB PDF).
Karen Holmes, Andy Bickers, Gary Kendrick

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Underwater video

Georeferenced underwater video of the seabed
(3 MB MOV)
(Apple QuickTime format)

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