Bowling Green Bay

Reports and technical papers

Gavrilov N., A. J. Duncan, R. D. McCauley, I. M. Parnum, J. D. Penrose, P. J. W. Siwabessy, A. J. Woods, and Y-T. Tseng. Characterization of the seafloor in australia's coastal zone using acoustic techniques
(13KB PDF).
Proceedings of the International Conference "Underwater Acoustic Measurements: Technologies &Results" . Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 28th June - 1st July 2005. ISBN 960-88702-08

Siwabessya. Field report (809KB PDF): Report on the field survey in Bowling Green Bay, Townsville, Queensland, Aug 17 - 26, 2004.(Milestone Report CA5.01). By:P.J.W Siwabessya), I Parnum. a) and T Stieglitzb). a)Centre for Marine Science and Technology (CMST), Curtin University, GPO Box U 1987 Perth 6845, WA. b)Marine Geophysical Laboratory, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, James Cook University, Townsville 4811, QLD. 10/06/2005.

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3-D Visualisations

3D Visualisations of Morinda Shoal showing backscatter strength & sun illuminated scenes of the seabed:

  1. Backscatter_Strength_Morinda Shoal Bowling Green (0.8 MB MOV) (Apple QuickTime format)
  2. (0.5 MB MOV) ( Apple QuickTime format)


3D Visualisations of Yongala wreck showing backscatter strength:

  1. Yongala Measured_Tide Closeup (0.2 MB MOV) (Apple QuickTime format)
  2. Yongala Wreck_Bowling Green (0.8 MB MOV) (Apple QuickTime format)

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