Build a Conceptual Model

You can build your own conceptual diagram of an estuary by first selecting a suitable catchment base, and then by using "drag-and-drop" to place icons onto it. There are six broad groupings of icons: animals; causal pressures; in-stream pressures or "stressors"; plant and algae; processes and geomorphology; and symptoms of stress. The seven bases have been developed to represent each of the different geomorphic types of coastal waterways (follow links in side-panel to obtain more information). The final diagram can then be printed.

To start the process, select an appropriate base by using either option 1 (if you know the type of estuary that you want), or option 2 (if you know the name of an estuary but do not know it's geomorphic classification).

Option 1: Select an estuary type:

Option 2: Select an Australian estuary:

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