Associated Reports and Data

The following documents provide detailed information on the concepts and classification underpinning the Smartline Coastal geomorphic and stability map, and can be consulted by those wishing to explore or use this map format in more detail:

Smartline Manual and Data Dictionary (PDF Document 3.0 MB)
This document provides a detailed description of the Smartline coastal landform and stability classification system, metadata and detailed data dictionary for the Smartline map. This is detailed information for users wishing to explore the Smartline in depth.

Smartline Coastal Stability Classes Report (final report will be available soon and a summarised description of the stability classes can be found in the Smartline Manual and Data Dictionary.)
This document is a description and discussion of the coastal stability classes displayed in the 'Coastal Landform Stability Class Search' window, including background on the conceptual basis of the coastal landform stability classification. This is detailed information for users wishing to explore the Smartline in depth.

Smartline Project Report (PDF Document 0.9 MB)
This report documents the background to the Smartline mapping project and outlines the procedures used in compiling the Smartline, as well as identifying issues and directions for future upgrading of the mapping.

Smartline Data Sources List (Excel Spreadsheet 122 Kb)
This is a list of the data Reference ID numbers and bibliographic & Metadata details for each of the source datasets from which the Smartline map was constructed. Users wishing to determine the sources of data used in the Smartline map can search this information using the information tool available in all Smartline windows as follows: Using the information tool to click on a Smartline map segment brings up a full display of the attributes of that segment; the source of the data in each attribute field is displayed as a 'ref' number (in the Smartline Data model this is the 'ref' or 'REFERENCE_ID' field associated with that attribute). Using this Reference ID number ('ref'), the details of each data source can then be found in the Smartline Data Sources List.

ABSAMP Beach Data
The results of the ABSAMP program are published in 12 books, with eight of the books covering the beaches of each state and the Northern Territory and in 34 related publications. (see list of publications) If you use this data, please cite it as follows: SLSA (OzCoasts) 2009, Australian Beach Safety and Management Program database, Surf Life Saving Australia, Bondi Beach, 2009.

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