The preparation of the Smartline map has been a complex task involving collaboration with numerous commonwealth and State organisations, and collaboration with coastal workers and data custodians to facilitate access to the numerous existing datasets from each state and the Northern Territory, from which the final Smartline has been compiled. The many people who commissioned, guided, undertook work for or collaborated with the project team are listed below in no particular order.

Department of Climate Change (formerly the Australian Greenhouse Office)

Stefanie Pidcock, Gina Newton, Alexa Shaw, Angas Hopkins, Cameron Allen, Anne-Marie Wilson, Jo Mummery.

Geoscience Australia

Geospatial & Earth Monitoring Division
John Schneider, Trevor Dhu, Darren Skene, Christina Griffin, Paul Taylor.

Petroleum & Marine Division
Lynda Radke, Brendan Brooke, Manjula Weerasooriya, Izabella Urbanek, Xiaojing Li, Stirling Butcher, Trevor Tracey-Patte, Mark Babic, Dale Percival.

University of Tasmania

Core Project Team
Richard Mount, Chris Sharples, Jenny Newton, Tore Pedersen, Michael Lacey, Luke Wallace, Dom Jaskierniak, Mick Russell

Others who assisted project
Darren Turner, Phillipa Bricher, Jessica Benjamin

Student ortho-rectifiers & beach numberers
Matt Cracknell, Anna Flittner, Markus Staubmann, Rowan Harris, Scott Vernon, Simon Enman, Naomi Wakelin, Rahul Dhage Ananthmurthy, Ellen Salathiel, Katherine Tattersall, Mayo Kajitani, Anthony Mann, John Wiley

Surf Lifesaving Australia

Norm Farmer, Adam Weir

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Trevor Gilbert (OSRA Project)

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State Collaborators

The following people assisted the project in many ways including providing advice and access to state datasets, reviewing draft versions of the Smartline, participating in meetings and workshops, and in a variety of other ways:

South Australia

Department of Environment & Heritage (DEH)
Doug Fotheringham, Matthew Royal, Jacqui Oates, Debra Canty

University of Adelaide
Nick Harvey

Western Australia

Department of Environment & Conservation (DEC)
Ian Eliot, Ewan Buckley, Michael Higgins, Ray Lawrie

OSRA Project
Mandy Dearden, Derek Pegg

Geological Survey of Western Australia
Julie Bowyer (consultant), Barbara Pedersen, Steve Bandy

Julie Bowyer (consultant), Barbara Pedersen

Northern Territory

Karen Edyvane, Scott Whiting, Neil Smit, Barry Russell

David Howe

Renee Bartolo

Charles Darwin University
Guy Boggs

John Gilmour


Environment Protection Agency
Sel Sultmann, Mike Ronan, Bruce Wilson

Laurie Glass

James Cook University (Cairns)
David Hopley

New South Wales

NSW Environment & Climate Change
Doug Lord, Phil Watson

NSW Planning
John Hudson, Paula Douglas

NSW Maritime
Robert Lea

University of Wollongong
Colin Woodroffe, Pamela Aboudha

University of Sydney
Andrew Short, Peter Cowell, Bruce Thom


University of Melbourne
Wayne Stephenson

Department of sustainability & Environment
Rod Anderson

Department of Primary Industries
David Ball


Department of Primary Industries, Parks water & Environment
Mark Brown, Steve Sellers, Ian Houshold, Chris Rees, Mike Comfort, Rhys Stickler

In addition, the following people instigated, project-managed or sat on the steering committee for the prior production of a Tasmanian Coastal Vulnerability line map (2004 2006), which was the direct precursor of the National Coastal Smartline: Martin Blake, Alasdair Wells & Mike Pemberton (Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & Environment), John Hunter (Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC), John Church (CSIRO), Werner Hennecke & Richard Coleman (formerly University of Tasmania).

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