Climate change

This module provides information and tools to help communicate the risks of sea level rise and other potential impacts of climate change on coastal areas.

The science of climate change and the coast

Over the last 6,000-7,000 years the sea level around Australia has been relatively stable. This has generally allowed current landforms and ecosystems to persist without large scale modifications. Those conditions are now changing. More ...





Risks to coastal settlements, infrastructure and ecosystems

Rising sea levels and changes in rainfall patterns, storm and cyclone conditions may increase the risks to settlements, infrastructure and habitats for many coastal areas. More ...


  • Sea level rise maps – maps illustrating the potential effects of sea-level rise on key urban regions of the Australian coast for the 2100 time period.
  • Elevation data and modelling – information and a web portal for access to existing and new elevation data and derived products.

Preparing our coasts

Regardless of future reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, society will need to adapt to some level of changing climate and rising sea level. More ...



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